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Please Note: Parts of this year's Convention will be Live Streamed

Membership registrations for BristolCon 2021 are open


This site allows you to buy memberships for the next BristolCon Convention

Member rates are shown below:

Membership Rates for BristolCon 2021

Membership Type Cost Nov to Sep Cost Oct to Oct Cost At the Door
Standard - Adult (Ages 18+) £25 £30 N/A
Child - Under 14 Free Free N/A
Concession (Unwaged and Young Adults Aged 14-17) £15 £20 N/A
Disabled £15 £20 N/A
Carer1 Free Free N/A
Artist £25 £30 N/A
Dealer (Full Table)2 £40 £40 N/A
Dealer (Half Table)3 £30 £30 N/A
Committee4 £10 £10 N/A
Former Guests of Honour Free Free N/A
Guests of Honour Free Free N/A
Supporting Member5 £10 £10 N/A
Veteran Membership £10 £10 N/A


1 Carer Memberships are only available with a paid Disabled Membership

2 Price is per Table and includes 1 Dealer Membership with each Table, additional helpers are charged at Standard Membership rates

3 Price is for Half a Table and includes 1 Membership

4 Committee Memberships are only available to Committee Members

5 Expresses interest in attending, upgrade to a full membership to attend

Artists must contact artshow [at] bristolcon [dot] org before signing up

Dealers must contact dealers [at] bristolcon [dot] org before signing up

The green column indicates the current Membership Rates


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Are you an Artist or a previous Artist Guest of Honour?

If you would like to display at the Convention please contact our resident Artshow Organiser by clicking the button


Are you a Dealer?

Please contact our Dealer Liaison by clicking the button


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Please Note Memberships are only valid for entry to the next BristolCon (Currently 2021) and a new one will need to be purchased each year